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Don’t Give Up!

I been hearing from so many people that they have decided to give up on their talents, dreams, and gifts. They have settled to take another approach. Make sure you are not counting out your blessings. Believe me, your natural gift will do more for you than any education or job. I’m NOT negative towards education or jobs, (I have a degree and career), I’m just saying do NOT count out your blessings/dreams. Believe me, I know pursing your dream is one of the hardest things in the world. I know, I am 100% self employed. I have NO food stamps, NO unemployment, nothing BUT God and family. If you knew my story, you would be surprised that I am still going. But I know that God is turning around situations. Opportunity is happening in THIS season!

Sylvester Veal Jr.
Founder, Author, Motivator, & Life Coach,

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Spirit of Depression:

There is so much hurt and pain in the world. It is time to “TAKE back your MIND back from the enemy”(TM).

We stand in the way of every spirit of depression. We command depression to fail right now in Jesus name.

You are BUILT for this race of life. If you wasn’t, you wouldn’t be here today. Don’t give up. Don’t loose hope.

There is a victory in your future!

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“I’m leaving you peace. I’m giving you my own peace. I’m not giving it to you as the world gives. So don’t let your hearts be troubled, and don’t be afraid.” -Jesus-
(John 14:27 – International Standard Version)

When you have lost peace, you have walked away from the spirit, i.e. Jesus. Go back to Him and receive your peace. Peace that goes against all understanding. You will receive peace in the mist of your storm. Stay with the Holy Spirit– your comforter.

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This message will bless you… If you only knew my story:

The message was SO powerful today from T.D. Jakes Ministries. It was about people who are drowning in shallow water. People who have been through the storm, the waves, the deep end, and made it all the way to shallow water (meaning next to their victory), to drown, i.e. give up and die. He mentioned about people who appear normal on the outside, but on the inside they are drowning. They (on the outside) are ministering to others, motivating to others, feeding others (literally), clothing others, going to work with a smile on they face, but on the inside they are drowning in shallow water. He mentioned about people having thoughts of suicide– we are talking about ministers, motivators, mothers, and fathers. People who LOOK like they got it all together but on the INSIDE they are drowning in shallow water. This message spoke to my spirit (only if you knew my story). A few weeks ago I was one of those people. I was a step a way from having a nervous breakdown. Sitting at home crying, was tired of fighting, was ready to give up and go back to the old unproductive ways of the past. BUT God. Someone say BUT God. Showed up and showed out. He told me to wipe those tears away and to go forth and get everything that was promised. He said if He said it, He meant it, and it SHALL pass. NOT maybe pass, NOT might pass, BUT IT SHALL PASS. As T.D. Jakes said today, DO NOT DROWN IN SHALLOW WATER. All you have to do is STAND UP! You do not even have to swim. Just STAND UP and walk it out. STAND UP! says the Lord. Do NOT lose hope, do NOT give in, do NOT give up, your are at your victory. You MUST walk it out. Walk by faith and NOT by sight. I hope this encourages somebody today. You are NOT out, down, but NOT out. “GET UP!” says the Lord.

-Sylvester Veal Jr.-

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Strength Prayer (SPEAK this out LOUD Family):

It’s been a while since we shared a prayer. It was placed in our heart that we need to start bring those back. Let the Holy Ghost (Spirit) lead you in prayer– simply by asking Him. Remember, for understand the TRUE power of God, check out our book: Listening to The Holy Ghost (Spirit).

Father God we ask that you give us knowledge and revelation of the strength, which you have ALREADY given us long ago. We rebuke all attacks of the enemy right now in our minds, body, thinking, attitudes, and our spirits. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us, and we know that NO weapon formed against us shall prosper. We rebuke every trick, scheme, deception, manipulation, and device of the enemy. We cast out sickness, anger, rage, frustation, lusts, evil desires, hopelessness, selfishness, greed, and excessive pride. We cruse those things in JESUS name. We stand on one accord right now to let the enemy know THAT YOU HAVE NO POWER, AND YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME IN OUR MINDS, BODY, SPIRITS, SOULS, BUSINESSES, MINISTRIES, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, AND OTHER ORGANIZATIONS. By the POWER and AUTHORITY of Jesus Christ I COMAND you Satan to STEP and FLEE from us. It is so, in Jesus name. Amen.

-Motivation of the Mind(TM)-


Out of Great Tribulation:


“Then, addressing me, one of the elders [[c]of the heavenly Sanhedrin] said, Who are these [people] clothed in the long white robes? And from where have they come? I replied, Sir, you know. And he said to me, These are they who have come out of the great tribulation (persecution), and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. For this reason they are [now] before the [very] throne of God and serve Him day and night in His sanctuary (temple); and He Who is sitting upon the throne will protect and spread His tabernacle over and shelter them with His presence. They shall hunger NO more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun smite them, nor any [d]scorching heat. For the Lamb Who is in the MIDST of the throne will be their Shepherd, and He will guide them to the springs of the waters of life; and God will wipe away EVERY tear from their eyes.”
(Revelation 7:13-17 – Amplified Bible)

Perfect Example of Manipulation by the News:

It has been no secret that we do not support the media/news. The news is NOT godly, which is why we do not support it nor watch it.

We came across this headline today, “Act of Kindness goes Horribly Wrong”.

This is a perfect example of MANIPULATION by the News.

To explain, some people will read the article and from here on out will NOT show acts of kindness to anyone due to FEAR of ending up in the same situations. The news is notorious for putting fear in people hearts. This type of fear is NOT Godly. Godly fear is different than the enemy’s fear.

The bottom-line is, yes bad things do happen to good people, BUT if you are walking with the Lord, He will NOT lead you into a place where you will be harmed or stumble. Therefore you should NOT fear going out and doing His Will– be loving, be kind, be charitable, share goodwill toward your neighbors (STRANGERS are your neighbors too).

Do NOT believe negativity that the news shares. There are MORE POSITIVES in the world than negatives, but the news chooses to exploit the negatives to manipulate and CONTROL your emotions.

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